Our Christianity should affect every area of our lives—including our health and fitness. In Fit for the Master John not only shows you how to be fit—he also tells you why, as a Christian, you should be fit. Read this book and then go live this book.

Jeremy McMorris, Lead Pastor, Liberty Baptist Church, Dalhart, TX


Fit for the Master is a wonderful resource full of practical advice and insights into living a well-balanced life. John Lehman not only writes about these ideas—he practically lives them out every day! If you desire to live a more effective and efficient life, then I would strongly recommend this book.

James Whitaker, Men’s Soccer Coach and Assistant Athletic Director, Columbia International University


In Fit for the Master, Lehman offers a compelling and scripturally-based discussion of two topics—Christian faith and physical fitness—that, at first glance may seem unrelated, but which are actually closely connected. This book provides readers with clear, understandable, and practical guidance on how and why to begin or improve a fitness and nutrition regimen.  It is a valuable resource to Christians who seek to apply their faith in every facet of their lives, and I commend it to you.

Miles Coleman, Corporate Attorney, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP; Ironman triathlete, ultra-marathoner, and CrossFit coach


Physical discipline is a necessity for a Christian to be effective. John lays out the “why” and the “how” in this encouraging and challenging book.

Aaron Iles, Catskill Mountain 100 Km course record holder, NCCAA D1 Cross Country All-America, Quoted in Trail Runner Magazine, Sub 24 hr finish of Pine Creek Challenge 100 miler


Against the backdrop of a self-consumed society that pushes weight-loss tricks, fad diets, and elaborate fitness routines, Fit for the Master applies biblical wisdom and scientific evidence while making commonsense recommendations for physical exercise, nutrition, and sleep.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie, I hope you will find—as I have found over the miles with John Lehman—the spiritual encouragement and essentials to improve or develop a healthy lifestyle.

Russell Davis, Captain, United States Marine Corp;  USSF and NISOA Referee and runner